St. Peter's Church of God
Historical Sketch of Elder Carrie B. Smith
Saint Peter’s Church of God was founded in 1972 by the late Elder Carrie Broughton Smith.

In her early twenties, Elder Carrie Broughton Smith under the pastorial guidance of Elder Townsend of the Church of the Living God, Pillar Ground and Truth, put her trust in Christ as her personal savior.

In the 1940’s Elder Smith joined the Church of God, 3800 Haverford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA under Bishop N. S. Heastie.  During her fellowship at the Church of God, Elder Smith was called to preach and carried out the duties of a missionary.  In 1946 the Church of God was truly blessed with a new location and the congregation marched into their building located at the corners of 40th Street and Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. In the 1950’s Elder E. D. Cobbs was appointed as pastor of the 40th Street congregation.  Under his leadership, Elder Smith served as President of the Missionaries, President of the Senior Choir and President of the Young People.  She performed all of her duties with faith, love, pride and dedication. But to Elder Smith, her most cherished services were as prayer warrior and leader of the noon day prayer in addition to her leadership of the monthly consecration service. In 1967 Bishop E. D. Cobbs returned to Norristown, PA.  Elder Horace Halls was then appointed as pastor.  Elder Smith continued her faithful service of the Lord with Elder Halls until she was lead by the Lord to establish her own church.

Elder Carrie Broughton Smith was blessed with a minister’s license from the Church of God.  In 1970 she was ordained as an Elder by Bishop N. S. Heastie, National Temple Pentecostal Church of God.

Prior to purchasing the building, Mount Olive Church of God, 6006 Lansdowne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, Elder Smith briefly held services at her home in the Wynnfield section of Philadelphia.  The congregation was small in numbers, but the love, faith, dedication, and trust in God was enormous. In 1975, Mt. Olive Church of God was incorporated as Saint Peter’s Church of God.

In 1995 Elder Carrie Broughton Smith became ill and was no longer able to lead. The Lord called the founder of Saint Peter’s Church of God home on November 6, 2000.

The life and ministry of Elder Carrie Broughton Smith encouraged others to seek higher heights and deeper depths in the Lord.