Elder Smith was formerly a member of 40th St. Church of God in Philadelphia, Pa. Elder Carrie Broughton-Smith being led by the Spirit of God opened her home to the public to gather a congregation. The fellowship began at 702 N. 39th St., Philadelphia, Pa...  Pastor Smith, following the voice of God officially opened her church in 1972.  The congregation remained connected to 40th St. Church of God for many years after she started her church. At the inception of the church it was named Mount Olive Church of God.

In 1974 Pastor Smith moved the Mount Olive Church of God from 702 N. 39th St. to 6006 Lansdowne Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. In 1975, the Mount Olive Church of God was incorporated.

In 1977, Pastor Carrie Smith, for a short period of time no longer held Church services at  the property at 6006 Lansdowne Avenue. In 1979, Pastor Smith was able to reinstitute her services at 6006 Lansdowne Avenue. At the moving of the Holy Spirit the church was re-named from Mount Olive Church of God to St. Peter’s Church of God. The newly named St. Peter’s Church of God was incorporated in March 26, 1980. The founder and pastor of St. Peter’s Church of God, Pastor Carrie Smith, became ill in 1995 and was no longer able to pastor. She was ill for a few years, but never stopped believing in God.  God in his wisdom saw fit to call Pastor Carrie Smith home to Glory in 1999. She left behind to carry on her legacy two sons: Samuel Broughton and Alphonso Broughton.

During Pastor Smith’s illness, the church “search committee” assigned Reverend Doretha Lindsay as Interim Pastor. February 1996, Reverend Doretha Lindsay was installed as Pastor of the Church. Pastor Lindsay continued to work a full time job and pastor. She was called to full time ministry in May 2005.

Pastor Lindsay moving by the same spirit that Pastor Smith had which was to mobilize the community, began to acquire other properties under the umbrella of St. Peter’s Church of God. In 2003, St. Peter’s Church of God acquired the property located in 6008 Lansdowne Avenue. In August of 2006 St. Peter’s Church of God acquired the property located at 6010 Lansdowne Avenue. Hence, St. Peter’s Church of God has expanded from 6006 to 6010 Lansdowne Avenue.

The ministries include the following: Women’s Fellowship Ministry; Marriage Ministry; Outreach Ministry, which addresses the physical needs of the community; Membership Nurture, which cares for the sick and shut-in, and those in mourning; Counseling Ministry; Discipleship Ministry; Worship and Music Ministry and New Members Ministry.
St. Peter's Church of God
Church Historical Background